Safeguard a farm

Farm murders and farm attacks is now a bigger crisis than ever before. There has recently been an increase in farm attacks, and the government’s inability to do something about this problem is clearly visible.


For this reason, AfriForum and Saai decided to take action by initiating a campaign that focuses on the safety of farms.

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The “Safeguard a farm” campaign will specifically address:


the safety assessment of farm dwellings;


weapons training; and


training in basic first aid;


supplying of an analogue radio system, including radio training.

The purpose of this campaign is not only to safeguard farms and those who live there, but also to empower the broader community in specific areas to live free, safe and prosperous lives.

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Do you want AfriForum and Saai to visit your farm and offer this training? Follow this process:

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  2. The form will be sent directly to the Regional Head for Community Safety for assessment and consideration.

If your farm is approved, we will contact you and make the necessary arrangements.

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